The View of Mount Greylock

4/2/2018 Easter was a beautiful spring day and I spent it driving to Williams College and back to drop off my daughter for the rest of the spring semester. It started off as an overcast, grey day with not much promise for sun, even though the forecast said otherwise. About halfway there, the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds, and by the time we arrived on the other side of the Berkshires, it was fully out. It was fascinating to watch the amount of snow increasing steadily as we climbed up Rt. 2 toward the high point in Florida, MA. (Yes, it seems somewhat ironic that the largest amount of snow we found during a drive across most of Massachusetts was actually in Florida.) Driving down into North Adams after the infamous hairpin turn on Rt. 2, we were able to see fantastic views across the purple valley and of the towns there.  Once at the college, there were signs of spring in the air, including people out running, lots of bikes, and students trickling in from their adventures over spring break. After taking some time to move back in to the dorm and get some lunch, we decided we should enjoy the beautiful spring day, and what would be better than a quick jaunt up Mount Greylock? It’s a shame that the Massachusetts DCR doesn’t think so too, as they don’t open the road until late May. Since we were thwarted in our plans, we decided instead to drive up Bee Hill Rd. in Williamstown and had a wonderful view of Mount Greylock and the surrounding area. Evidently, other people had similar ideas since there were two other cars of people enjoying the view and a couple out strolling through the grasses on the hill. We took a few photos of Mount Greylock (instead of from Mount Greylock), tried to pick out the named peaks in our view, and soaked up the sun. When the breeze picked up it started to get a little chilly, so we took that as a sign to head back down. Once we said our goodbyes, I headed back to the car to start the drive back across the state and enjoy the scenery along the way. There was plenty of Easter traffic as there were many, many cars out throughout the day. By that point, I was getting hungry for dinner, and didn’t have any company in the car for conversation, so I drove back without exploring along the way. Every time I do this drive I think that I really should take my time sometime and explore the many interesting things there are to see on Rt. 2. I guess that will have to wait to be a post for another time.DMP_8616.jpg


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