Trip to Minneapolis


In February I took a trip to Minneapolis to visit my daughter and watch her swim at the MIAC championship swim meet. She is a member of the Carleton College swim and dive team. In between many hours watching swimming at the University of Minnesota, I did get a chance to explore a bit in Minneapolis.

Before the trip, I wanted to find out where some good locations would be for photography. I had seen a number of beautiful cityscape scenes online around the time of the Super Bowl a couple of weeks earlier. While investigating on Instagram, I noticed that the Stone Arch bridge was beautiful on its’ own, crossed the river, was pedestrian friendly, and provided fantastic views of the city. So, that was my intended destination.

I bundled up a bit to handle the Minnesota winter and headed out from the pool to explore. Along the way, I found tons of interesting things which was precisely the point of the walk. The U of M has plenty of things that could keep a photographer interested all day long. I stopped at a few, but since I had limited time, I wanted to make it to the bridge. I did make it there and had to wait a while to get some better light. I’d hesitate to call it golden hour that day since the whole day had really been overcast and grey. Nonetheless, patience paid off and I was able to get a couple of shots I liked. Time was short though because I had to get back to the pool for the competition. After all, that’s why I was there.

My primary takeaway from my few hours in Minneapolis is that it is a truly picturesque city, very pedestrian friendly, and a place I need to visit again with more time available. Overall, I loved it and look forward to going back.Minneapolis SkylineMinneapolis Stone Arch Bridge

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